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Site is under construction. It is intended to be an unofficial one of Mangup archaeological expedition (Taurician National univ. - Simferopol).

Cave-town Mangup was a late roman, byzantian and ottoman fortress in Mountain South West Crimea (Ukraine). Mangup (Doros) appeared as a center of Crimean Gothia in Late Antiquity, later (in 14-15cc) it becomes a capital of greek principality Theodoro. After heroic resistance at 1475 A.D. fortress was cought by ottoman turks and in their hands slowly comes to an end.

Our team excavates under supervising of prof. A. Hertsen alano-gothic cemetries (4-8 centuries A.D.) in Mangup closer neighborhood since year 1995 and a barbarian sanctuary of 2-4 cc A.D. on mount Babulgan since 2003. Here we will publish materials concerning Mangup, excavations, finds, expedition and our friends.

Be free to contact us: or ICQ 279124732 Serge Chernush

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Stella with runic inscription from Opuk - picture for Yahoogroup





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